Drill and kill? Drill and skill! Drill and thrill!

If you talk to exacting visual artists, if you talk to accomplished athletes, if you talk to professional musicians, if you talk to any executive responsible for selling products through advertising, or if you talk to anyone who has mastered any skill, you won’t hear the slogan:  “drill and kill.”  I only hear that blasphemy […]

Seeing the numbers

This is for parents who may wonder what’s the big deal about the Cartesian coordinate system and why should my child become familiar with it. The quick answer is that it is the primary visual tool of mathematics. It helps visualize how numbers change when subjected to the same operation. For example, keeping with our […]

En español también: tabla de multiplicacíon

For the roughly 400 million people in the world who speak Spanish, please watch this video. It describes a multiplication table that everyone in the world will understand, no matter what native language they use in their daily affairs. Mathematics is the universal language, and multiplication, graphing, and the use of variables, X and Y […]

Piet Mondrian: the artistic inspiration.

The X•Y Chart helps the learner love math for its own sake. It is anything but another attempt to dumb down the learner through silly techniques like making the numbers into cute animals or cartoon characters.  At one point in the design process of this new multiplication table, very near the end, the artists presented […]