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Just 21. Our children can do it.

Learning the multiplication table by heart is essential. No matter what fashion of math education the schools are following, we parents ought to make sure that our children learn the 100 multiplication facts by heart. This is very likely best achieved at home. It’s not that difficult. When you consider certain patterns and the easier […]

Multiplication and Calculus

Through the placement of the single digit multiplication facts within the first quadrant of the Cartesian coordinate system connections between arithmetic and calculus become visible. Consider the similarities between the product as the area of a 5 by 6 rectangle and the area under the curve of the constant function, f(x) = 6, over the […]

Plotting Points, Plotting Products

  The Evolution of the Multiplication Table Points and Products The Evolution of the Multiplication Table (Vine: 6 sec.) < Come back soon to view the next video in the series.