About the XY Chart Multiplication Table

Reliable mental math skills lead to a lifetime of pleasure, enjoyment, and successful critical work. The XY Chart™ brings together two fundamental visual tools—the 10 x 10 multiplication table and the Cartesian coordinate system—in a natural way that makes learning them easy. Traditional multiplication tables organize the numbers in ascending order from top to bottom, […]

Multiplication Patterns in the Hundreds Table

Multiplication is accomplished by “skip counting” or, as we say, counting by two or three, etc.  In this hundreds chart, which is ordered like the Cartesian coordinate system, left to right, BOTTOM to TOP, you can observe the patterns produced by “skip counting” for the numbers 1 through 10. Click the X•Y Chart below to […]

The X•Y Chart for the Home.

We are happy to have a new video that explains why the X•Y Chart belongs on a wall at home. The idea is simple: place important math information in a picture, employ the best graphic designers to make the presentation easy to follow and attractive, and bring it into the home for children to enjoy […]

2018 The intersection of math and the humanities.

It’s about time, but the insight arrived. The visual integration of feelings and math can be achieved by displaying a How Are You Feeling Today? poster next to an X•Y Chart on the classroom or bedroom wall. The unspoken message is that critical thinking and feeling complement one another, in fact, neither proceeds well without […]