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About the Site is about helping math learners master math by multiplication and the graphing system upon which higher math is built. The key to our system is the XY Chart™ itself, which should be displayed centrally, and referred to often. We feel so strongly about the learning potential with the XY Chart™ that we wanted to make it easily accesible to people all over the world. What better way than with the world wide web. In the future we will be adding multilingual versions of this site in order to supplement this goal. Of course, as you can see, we have also provided explanations, animations, drills, and on-line discussions to increase your understanding and appreciation for the wealth of math information contained in The XY Chart™. We hope you enjoy this site, learn more about math and get a laugh or two along the way!

About The XY Chart™ System

The XY Chart™ is a multiplication table that teaches the 10 by 10 multiplication facts, the Cartesian coordinate system, arithmetic sequences, geometry, and even definite integrals!

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