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Just 21. Our children can do it.

Learning the multiplication table by heart is essential. No matter what fashion of math education the schools are following, we parents ought to make sure that our children learn the 100 multiplication facts by heart. This is very likely best achieved at home. It’s not that difficult. When you consider certain patterns and the easier […]


Vi Hart: Math Promoter

Vi Hart tweeted a link to this song about Phi, the Golden Mean. It’s not quite a Bach fugue, but it’s real…or is it transcendental?. I ♥ φ  Λ  I ♥ ♥

More than ever

After happily teaching Latin for two and one half years, I am now in my eighth month teaching algebra in an excellent college prep school. The importance of multiplication confronts me every day as I prepare for class. There is hardly a topic in algebra that does not require a knowledge of the single digit […]