Plotting points; plotting products.

Welcome to the home site of the X•Y Chart. Our goal is to help your children do well in math by presenting three critical math skills in a special visual arrangement that organizes the multiplication facts in their true home in the first quadrant of the Cartesian coordinate system. It also suggests the importance of the variables X and Y. This brings together the most used operation, multiplication, with the most important visual tool of math, the Cartesian coordinate system, and connects them with the symbols X and Y that are central to algebra. We have done this with the help of two talented graphic designers who used visual techniques to make the chart easy to use and attractive, a piece of Mondrian-like art, that complements any home. Displayed there it sends the message: math matters.

Our most recent post offers you a short video which captures the essence of this multiplication table. It will explain our slogan: Plotting Points, Plotting Products. Please enjoy and let us know what you think about the chart.


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About the XY Chart Multiplication Table

Reliable mental math skills lead to a lifetime of pleasure, enjoyment, and successful critical work. The XY Chart™ brings together two fundamental visual tools—the 10 x 10 multiplication table and the Cartesian coordinate system—in a natural way that makes learning them easy. Traditional multiplication tables organize the numbers in ascending order from top to bottom, […]

Multiplication Patterns in the Hundreds Table

Multiplication is accomplished by “skip counting” or, as we say, counting by two or three, etc.  In this hundreds chart, which is ordered like the Cartesian coordinate system, left to right, BOTTOM to TOP, you can observe the patterns produced by “skip counting” for the numbers 1 through 10. Click the X•Y Chart below to […]

The X•Y Chart for the Home.

We are happy to have a new video that explains why the X•Y Chart belongs on a wall at home. The idea is simple: place important math information in a picture, employ the best graphic designers to make the presentation easy to follow and attractive, and bring it into the home for children to enjoy […]