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Piet Mondrian: the artistic inspiration.

The X•Y Chart helps the learner love math for its own sake. It is anything but another attempt to dumb down the learner through silly techniques like making the numbers into cute animals or cartoon characters.  At one point in the design process of this new multiplication table, very near the end, the artists presented […]

René Descartes: Our Hero

  His coordinate system, originating around 1629, changed the way we learn and visualize math. He is usually remembered as a philosopher, considered to be the first “modern” thinker: “Cogito ergo sum”. It is in mathematics, however, where his genius shines. The X•Y Chart is dedicated to René for two of his mathematical contributions. First […]

Multiplication Patterns in the Hundreds Table

Multiplication is accomplished by “skip counting” or, as we say, counting by two or three, etc.  In this hundreds chart, which is ordered like the Cartesian coordinate system, left to right, BOTTOM to TOP, you can observe the patterns produced by “skip counting” for the numbers 1 through 10. Click the X•Y Chart below to […]

The X•Y Chart for the Home.

We are happy to have a new video that explains why the X•Y Chart belongs on a wall at home. The idea is simple: place important math information in a picture, employ the best graphic designers to make the presentation easy to follow and attractive, and bring it into the home for children to enjoy […]