About the XY Chart Multiplication Table

Reliable mental math skills lead to a lifetime of pleasure, enjoyment, and successful critical work. The XY Chart™ brings together two fundamental visual tools—the 10 x 10 multiplication table and the Cartesian coordinate system—in a natural way that makes learning them easy. Traditional multiplication tables organize the numbers in ascending order from top to bottom, left to right. This is how we read and write, not how we study numbers. Most math beyond arithmetic is played out visually on a Cartesian coordinate system. So why not present math learners the multiplication facts with this primary visual tool of mathematics? When introduced in the early years, when children first learn multiplication, The XY Chart™ prepares the mind for math. When the day of the formal introduction to graphing arrives, the student will already be at home with the visual system. No relearning. No adjusting to an upside down world.

Multiplication and More

  • Multiplication and coordinates in one single striking image
  • Prepares the mind for effective mental math
  • Available in 3 sizes
  • FREE Abbreviated User Manual Online!
  • 6 color printing on quality cover-weight paper
  • Classroom packages available
  • Ideal for home schooling

For More Information About the XY Charts Multiplication Table

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