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What Does Art Have To Do With Math?

Math is really a way of discovering patterns, some beautiful, and some not. Mathematicians describe these patterns in the language of numbers and mathematical notation. You can find patterns in Art, too! Artists express these patterns with words, colors, sounds, lines, shapes, physical forms, and so on. Consider the patterns in modern rap music or the fugues of Bach.

In order to highlight the multiplication facts we have chosen the pattern of the Cartesian coordinate system, which is a purely mathematical creation. This rectangular system is closely related to the rectangular paintings of the artist Piet Mondrian. The close similarity is undeniable.

When math students begin to understand and really believe the similarities of math and art, great math and great art will begin to emerge! The XY Chart™ itself is modeled after the art of Piet Mondrian. Use the links to the left to navigate through some examples of art that can be created by generating patterns with algorithms. Algorithms are simply step-by-step instructions. We used the programming language Java, to make these Mondrian Simulations! Our website is also an effort to follow the same graphic design principles of good art. We hope you enjoy this integration of math and art!

Enjoy the harmony of math and art by clicking these links below: