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Vi Hart: Math Promoter

Vi Hart tweeted a link to this song about Phi, the Golden Mean. It’s not quite a Bach fugue, but it’s real…or is it transcendental?. I ♥ φ  Λ  I ♥ ♥

Inverse Variation

Let’s assume you have a pie to share with your friends. Each will receive a piece the same size. Is it not intuitively obvious that the size of the piece varies inversely with the number of friends: more friends, smaller piece; fewer friends, bigger piece.

Direct Variation

The value of dimes varies directly with the number of dimes. This appears self-evident. That it can be expressed algebraically as v = md ought also to be obvious to intermediate algebra students. Yet it’s not. Why? Does anyone have an answer? I have been teaching direct and inverse variation in class this week and […]